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Ema Press Release, January 2012

EMA organises activities, publishes reports, runs special projects and award schemes, and raises
funds for a wide range of sectors.

Training programmes, including staff exchange programmes for young professionals, are being arranged, as well as programmes concentrating on quality management. Partnerships have been developed with a growing number of organisations with the same interests in the museum and cultural sectors, including the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural
Foundation (PIOP), CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, the Carisbo Bank Foundation in Bologna and the
Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.

THE 2011 KENNETH HUDSON SEMINAR took place on 17-19 November 2011 in Bertinoro, Italy. It
was arranged in collaboration with the Istituto Beni Culturali (IBC), Regione Emilia Romagna, and
LEM – The Learning Museum Network Project. The 39 participants included members of the LEM
Working Group on Museums of the 21st Century. Topics discussed included:
Virtual museums – a shift in meaning (Wim van der Weiden, Massimo Negri)
Virtual networks and the changing position and role of museums and cultural institutes
(Dirk Houtgraaf)
The metamorphosis of the users (Giampaolo Proni)
From visitors to users (Paulo Galluzzi)
Understanding personalization through IT in museums (Silvia Filippini Fantoni)
The museum space between reality and virtuality: the case of Google Art Project
(Davide Gasperi)
Europeana. Digital collections and real users (René Capovin)
Merging visitors with users: anytime, anywhere, anyhow (Paolo Paolini)
The Proceedings of the 2011 Seminar will be published by the IBC at a later date. The Proceedings
of the 2009 and 2010 Seminars are available on the EMA website in digital form.

Re-Defining Heritage is the title of the International Seminar held in Palermo in the context of a
National Research Project about Design and Cultural Heritage funded by the Italian Ministry of
University and Research carried on by five Italian universities. EMA’s Chairman and Director were
invited to speak by the University of Palermo, which is a partner in this project. The Seminar was
directed by Professor Philippe Daverio. The Proceedings will be published in 2012.

The inauguration of this new museum will take place on Friday 27 January 2012. Genus Bononiae.
Museums in the City is a cultural, artistic and museum itinerary running through buildings in the
historical centre of Bologna that have been renovated and rehabilitated for public use. To better
describe and understand the genus and stock of the Bolognese people from yesterday and today,
Genus Bononiae. Museum in the City follows a path through the city and narrates its history, life, arts
and dreams; it uses the streets of Bologna as corridors and the buildings and churches as rooms,
blending into the existing institutional structure, and ensuring a full link with other museums and art
galleries, as well as the other cultural, economic and social initiatives which animate the local
community. The project is created, financed and managed by the Carisbo Foundation which has also
supported some EMA projects in recent years (the latest one is the publication of the Proceedings of
the Kenneth Hudson Seminars 2009-2010). Genus Bononiae will be also co-organizer of the new
Children’s Museum Award Ceremony which will be held in Bologna on 21 March 2012. On the
occasion of the opening of the new Museum of the History of Bologna, EMA will hold a meeting of
its Board in Bologna during the days devoted to various events celebrating this important initiative
of the Carisbo Bank Foundation.

The fourth meeting of LEM – The Learning Museum Network Project (a European Union Grundtvig
project) will be held in Riga, Latvia on 26 and 27 April 2012. EMA is one of 22 partners in the project,
which builds on the outcomes of three previous projects and focuses on turning museums into
learning organisations. Further information can be found at www.lemproject.eu.

THE 2012 CHILDREN’S MUSEUM AWARD for stand-alone museums and children’s sections of
general museums, established in co-operation with Hands On! International, has attracted an
interesting range of candidates in its first year. The geographical spread of the 28 participants ranges from Norway to the Philippines, and from Spain to Singapore. The panel of judges, drawn
from EMA and HO!I under the chairmanship of Dr Hermann Schäfer, is currently drawing up a shortlist
of 10, which will be published in due course. The results of the competition will be announced
on the occasion of the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna on 21 March 2012. Further details will be
available on the websites of both organisations soon.

THE 2012 MICHELETTI AWARD for technical, scientific and industrial museums is now in its 17th year.
The programme of judging visits is well under way, and the results will be announced at a two-day
meeting to be held on Friday and Saturday, 27 and 28 April 2012 at the Staatliches Textil- und
Industriemuseum, Augsburg, Germany (the winner of the 2011 Award). This meeting is open to all
museum colleagues. A registration form and details of the programme will be available towards the
end of January.

THE EMA PRIZE This new prize was launched in 2011, with the aim of recognising the outstanding
results of organisations, researchers and cultural institutions in creating pioneering museums or
producing studies and carrying on projects of European relevance which are destined to influence
the development of museological discourse at the international level. The first winner of this Award
was the Galileo Museum in Florence. The EMA Prize will not necessarily be given each year and is
not drawn solely from the list of existing candidates. If you would like to draw the Academy’s
attention to possible recipients of the prize, please send your recommendation to

Partnership scheme details can be found on the EMA website. Those institutions which registered in
2011 have been designated as Founding Associate Partners, and we are pleased to announce the
following organisations with this title:
Fundação Museu da Ciência, Coimbra, Portugal
Fundación Caixa d’Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona, Spain
Museu Agbar de les Aigües, Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain
Association of Swedish Museums, Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish Natural History Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
Bursa City Museum, Bursa, Turkey
Istanbul Toy Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
Culture & Sport, Glasgow, UK

APOM, Portuguese Association of Museology, Lisbon
CosmoCaixa, Barcelona
The Cyprus Institute, Nicosia
DASA, The World of Work Exhibition, Dortmund
Europa Nostra, The Hague
Europeana, The Hague
Genus Bononiae – Carisbo Bank Foundation, Bologna
Hands On! International, The International Association of Children’s Museums
Luigi Micheletti Foundation, Brescia
Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, Athens
Scuola Normale di Pisa, Pisa
We are also very pleased to welcome the following colleagues to our organisation:
Honorary Commissioner
Maritta Pitkänen, former director of the Gösta Serlachius Art Museum, Mäntää, Finland
National Representative
Gianna A. Mina, Chair, Board of the Swiss Museum Association

Proceedings of the Kenneth Hudson Seminars 2009-2010. Pardes Edizioni, Bologna 2011
ISBN: 9788889241578. € 12,00. Edited by: European Museum Academy (Ann Nicholls).
This book presents the proceedings of the first two museology workshops organised by the
European Museum Academy and the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa in Italy in 2009 and 2010.
In this period of global economic crisis, it has never been more urgent for people working in the
museum world to discuss and further analyse some of the topics presented in the museology
workshops organised in 2009 and 2010 by the European Museum Academy (EMA) and the Scuola
Normale Superiore di Pisa. The long economic crisis has provided the impetus for some of the
speakers to talk not only about money, or money needs for museum management, but in particular
about how to continue to preserve the cultural heritage. For some of the sector experts and
operators who took part in the debate, the crisis could even precipitate changes in museum
management and provide the opportunity to implement new strategies. The digital communication
era, the new forms of communication and cataloguing instruments, and the web-communication
based valorisation of the cultural heritage can be considered in a realistic approach as additional
resources, or even as an alternative to the existing ones.
This volume reports the past and ongoing discussions about this topic. The proceedings are related
to the first two workshops held by EMA and the Scuola Normale Superiore in Italy and dedicated to
Kenneth Hudson, the great museologist who died in 1999, and with whom all the EMA founders
actively collaborated. The volume, published in his memory, brings together a selection of 2009
Workshop contributions and all the speeches from the 2010 Workshop.
Banks and Museums Beyond Sponsorship: An Overview of Museums Created by Bank Foundations
Bononia University Press, ISBN 978-88-7395-610-5, € 25.00.
In June 2010 a Focus Group with this title was organised in co-operation with the Fondazione Cassa
di Risparmio in Bologna (Carisbo Foundation) and the Genus Bononiae museums in the City, the new
local city museum created by the Carisbo Foundation order to. The European Museum Academy
would like to express its grateful thanks to the Carisbo Bank Foundation – Genus Bononiae for its
valuable financial assistance in the production of this book. Further information can be found on the
EMA website. Free copies of the book are available for study and research purposes by contacting

The co-operation between the Master Course in European Museology of the IULM University of
Milan and the International Course in Scientific Museography at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona under the
auspices of EMA is now in full operation with exchange of students, experts and didactic materials.

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