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Ema Press Release, April 2011

EMA organises activities, publishes reports, runs special projects and award schemes, and raises
funds for a wide range of sectors.

Training programmes, including staff exchange programmes for
young professionals, are being arranged, as well as programmes concentrating on quality
management. Partnerships have been developed with a growing number of organisations with the
same interests in the museum and cultural sectors, including the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural
Foundation (PIOP), CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, the Carisbo Bank Foundation in Bologna and the
Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.

THE 2011 MICHELETTI AWARD for technical, scientific and industrial museums, now in its 16th year,
was announced at a two-day meeting held at the DASA German Occupational Safety and Health
Exhibition in Dortmund, Germany which took place on 8 and 9 April. Representatives of 16
European countries gathered in the Steel Hall at DASA to congratulate the winner – the State Textile
and Industry Museum, Augsburg, Germany. The winner was announced by Wim van der Weiden,
EMA Chairman, and presented by HRH Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg, who is a member of the Jury.

THE EMA PRIZE On the same occasion this new prize was launched, with the aim of recognising the
outstanding results of organisations, researchers and cultural institutions in creating pioneering
museums or producing studies and carrying on projects of European relevance which are destined to
influence the development of museological discourse at the international level. The first winner of
this Award is the Galileo Museum in Florence.
DASA gave its own Award at the meeting to Portimão Museum in Portugal for its portrayal of the
local working environment.
The Judges’ Report is available in the Awards section of the EMA website, where the 2012 Micheletti
Award application form can also be found.

THE CHILDREN’S MUSEUM AWARD for stand-alone museums and sections of general museums has
been established in co-operation with Hands On! International. It will focus especially on children up
to the age of 14. A Seminar in the context of the International Children’s Book Fair in Bologna on 30
March 2011 presented the philosophy and structure of this Award to a qualified public. The
application form is available on the EMA website in the Awards section, with a closing date of 31
October 2011.

HERITAGE IN MOTION At the annual meeting of Europa Nostra in Amsterdam on 9-10 June 2011
there will be a presentation on a new prize being established as a result of co-operation between
Europa Nostra and EMA. There will be three categories: films, websites and games dealing with
cultural heritage in general, and the first award will be announced at the annual meeting in Lisbon in
June 2012. Further information will follow.
THE ANNUAL REPORT giving an overview of EMA activities is now available on the website.

THE 2011 KENNETH HUDSON SEMINAR on The Virtual Museum will be held on 18 November 2011
in Bertinoro, Italy. It is being arranged in collaboration with the Istituto Beni Culturali (IBC), Regione
Emilia Romagna, and LEM – The Learning Museum Network Project.
The provisional list of presentations includes:
The Virtual Museum. What for? How technology is changing museums:
– From visitors to users
– From physical to digital conservation
– From physical to distance accessibility
– From outreach to social networking
State of the art (virtual reality, augmented reality …)
Case studies
Participants will include members of the LEM Working Group on Museums of the 21st Century. The
meeting will include a presentation of the Proceedings of the 2010 Kenneth Hudson Seminar on
European Museums and the Crisis: the impact, the problems, the reaction’, held in Volterra, Italy on
19 November 2010 in co-operation with the Scuola Normale di Pisa.
Observers will be welcome at the meeting. Further information will be available on the EMA and IBC
websites in due course.

The second meeting of LEM – The Learning Museum Network Project (a European Union Grundtvig
project) was held at the National Museum Wales on 19 and 20 May. On the first day the
composition of the five working groups was revised and refined, and tasks allotted to the
participants. The mobility scheme for study visits and exchanges was discussed in the light of the
experience of the first visit which has already taken place in Glasgow. Much of the second day
morning was taken up with information on the navigation and use of the newly-established website
(www.lemproject.eu), with thanks being given to Manuela Pereira for all the work she had done on
the site. During the afternoon there was an opportunity to visit the departments of National
Museum Wales, and the open-air site at St Fagans nearby.
The next meeting of LEM will be held in Tampere, Finland on 10 and 11 October 2011.

We are very pleased to welcome the following colleagues to our organisation:
Gerhard Kilger, Director, DASA, Dortmund, Germany
Pool of Experts
Wolfgang Müller-Kuhlmann, DASA, Dortmund, Germany
Nurit Shilo-Cohen, Senior Curator-at-Large for Museum Education , The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
National Representatives
Catherine Cuenca, Conservateur en chef du patrimoine, Musée des arts et metiers-Paris/université
de Nantes, France
Mariëtte Frederiks-van Rij, Freelance, Anno/Stichting Actueel Verleden, Den Haag, The Netherlands
Katarina Zivanovic, Acting Director, Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade, Serbia

Banks and Museums Beyond Sponsorship: An Overview of Museums Created by Bank Foundations
Bononia University Press, ISBN 978-88-7395-610-5.
In June 2010 a Focus Group with this title was organised in co-operation with the Fondazione Cassa
di Risparmio in Bologna (Carisbo Foundation) and the Genus Bononiae museums in the City, the new
local city museum created by the Carisbo Foundation. During the meeting presidents of bank
foundations and directors of important European museums created by banks, started discussions in
order to make an overview of this topic. The book which was the result of these deliberations
collects different experiences which are of interest not only to insiders but also to visitors and heads
of similar public and private organisations.

Further information can be found on the EMA website. Free copies of the book are available for
study and research purposes by contacting info@genusbononiae.it.

The co-operation between the Master Course in European Museology of the IULM University of
Milan and the International Course in Scientific Museography at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona under the
auspices of EMA is now in full operation with exchange of students, experts and didactic materials.

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