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Ema Press Realise, March 2010

EMA organises activities, publishes reports, runs special projects and award schemes,
and raises funds for a wide range of sectors.

Training programmes, including staff exchange programmes for young professionals, are being arranged, as well as
programmes concentrating on quality management. Partnerships have been developed with a growing number of organisations with the same interests in the museum and cultural sectors, including the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP), CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, the Carisbo Bank Foundation in Bologna and the
Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.


EUROPEANA is one of the main focuses of the European cultural agenda and was
conceived as a multilingual point of access to Europe’s digital cultural heritage,
capable of storing data on all types of cultural material (texts, audiovisual media,
museum objects, archival records, etc.) and delivering it to users. The aim of this
initiative is to enable all Europeans to access Europe’s collective memory and use it
for education, work, leisure and creativity. It will make a valuable contribution to the
protection of cultural objects and to presenting Europe’s diverse heritage on-line.
Libraries have made the greatest strides in digitisation, but museums and archives
are realizing the importance of storing information in this way.
In June 2010 the European Museum Academy applied to be admitted to the Board
of Europeana and was accepted as a new member. At the same meeting one of
EMA’s Advisors, Dr Hermann Schäfer, was elected to the Executive Committee.

The proposal for this two-year initiative, which falls within the Lifelong Learning
Programme and the Grundtvig sectoral programme, was submitted by the Istituto
Beni Culturali in Bologna and has been accepted by Brussels. EMA is one of 22
partners in the project, which builds on the outcomes of three previous projects and
focuses on turning museums into learning organisations.
Other partners include the National Gallery of Ireland; the Hellenic Ministry of Culture
& Tourism; the Ministerio de Cultura, Subdirección de Museos Estatales, Madrid; the
City of Turin; and the University of Denver Museum of Anthropology.

We are happy to announce that Andrew Durham, Director of ArtLab Australia in
Adelaide, has recently joined our Pool of Experts.

APOM: Assocão Portuguesa de Museologia (the Portuguese Association of
Museology) has accepted the invitation of EMA to be its Portuguese National
Representative and we look forward to working with the organisation.
APOM is a scientific and professional organisation of public benefit which dates from
1965. Its goals are to develop and emphasise the prestige of museums and to
promote all the museological professions among society. Its activities include:
consulting, educational travels, training courses, national and international meetings
and seminars, publications, prizes and grants.
Since 1992 APOM has been devoted to rewarding the excellence of Portuguese
museology and to distinguish the best museums, exhibitions, catalogues and
educational services, with a series of prizes being awarded in 14 categories, as well
as a special prize for Personality of the Year – career prize. Since 2009 APOM has
been recognised by the Portuguese government as an Institution of Public Interest.

International training programmes
This is a joint programme which involving the Master Course in European Museology
at the IULM University of Milan (Italy) , the International Course of Scientific
Museography of the CosmoCaixa in Barcelona (Spain) and the International School
of Museology of the Museum of Recent History in Celje (Slovenia). The three courses
cover different aspects of contemporary museological debate, while sharing a
common basis in terms of an in-depth overview of recent developments in the
European museum panorama. The three courses are under the auspices of EMA
which provides lecturers, didactic materials and organizes study visits for students (all
at postgraduate level and frequently already working in museums or similar
institutions). A study visit to the Museo Arqueológico di Alicante MARQ as part of this
activity was made in June 2010.

The programme ends in November 2010. The co-operation with these institutions will
Focus Group 21-22 June 2010. EMA organised, with the Carisbo Bank Foundation, a
Focus Group in Bologna, Italy on the subject of Banks and Museums Beyond
Sponsorship. An Overview of European Museums Created and Supported by Bank
Foundations which gathered together some of the most important experiences in
this field carried on in Europe. Proceedings of the meeting will be available in a
bilingual edition at the end of the current year.

The 2011 Micheletti Award has been launched by the Micheletti Foundation in cooperation
with EMA with a new format. The Micheletti Foundation will celebrate the
15th anniversary of the Micheletti Award on 30 September 2010 with a special
ceremony at the Italian Parliament building under the auspices of Parliamentary
institutions. The audience will comprise representatives of the scientific and
academic sector, and political figures, as well as previous winners of the Micheletti
Award. The president of EMA, Andreja Rihter, will deliver the final speech of this

On Friday 1 October a seminar will be held in Brescia, with a visit to the Foundation’s
new industrial museums in the area. The seminar will be focused on the future of the
Micheletti Award and on the opportunities for co-operation among former winners.
This part of the programme will benefit from the assistance of the European Museum
Academy. Finally, on the morning of Saturday 2 October a public meeting is
planned in Brenno , a historic centre for the history of iron in the province of Brescia.
A European workshop 21-24 October 2010 on Multicultural societies, intercultural
dialogue and European museums will be organised by EMA and the Istituto Beni
Culturali of the Regione Emilia Romagna, Italy in the University Residential Centre of
Bertinoro in Italy. The registration form is now available.


The EMA brings together a group of experts active in specific sectors of the museum
and heritage world with proved experience in European programmes as well as in
national and local development projects. They contribute to the development of
the Academy in terms of researching, lecturing, training, writing and consulting
activities. In this way the Academy benefits from co-operation with colleagues who
have amassed a wide range of skills developed over the years, and is able to offer a
comprehensive list of services based on sound knowledge of museums and heritage
issues, with regular updating of members. A full list of experts is given below.
Andreja Rihter (President), Head of the International School of Museology, Celje,
Slovenia , and Chairperson of the Sub-Committee on Cultural Heritage of the
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (SI)
*Massimo Negri (Director), Scientific Director of the Executive Master in European
Museology at the IULM University of Milan. Former Director of the European Museum Forum (I)
*Wim van der Weiden (Chairman), Former member of Executive Board of ICOM,
Director of Museon and Naturalis, former Chairman of the European Museum Forum
Christopher Grayson, until recently, responsible for cultural co-operation in the
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (F/UK)
Arno van Berge Henegouwen, Head of Department of Natural History, Museon, Den Haag (NL)
Benedetto Benedetti, Scuola Normale de Pisa (I)
Graziano Campanini, Director, Museo della Sanità Santa Maria della Vita, Bologna.
Former national correspondent , European Museum Forum (I)
*Hermann Schäfer, former General Director of Culture and Media in the Chancellor’s
Office, Berlin. Vice-Minister for Culture and Media (D)
Tamás Vásárhelyi, Deputy Director General, Hungarian Natural History Museum,
Budapest. Former national correspondent, European Museum Forum (H)
*Jorge Wagensberg, Scientific Director, Fundació ‘la Caixa’, Barcelona (ES)
Pool of Experts
*Thomas Brune, senior curator, Landesmuseum Stuttgart (D)
*Andrew Durham, Director, ArtLab Australia, Adelaide (AU)
*J. Patrick Greene, CEO, Museum Victoria, Melbourne (AU)
Aspasia Louvi, General Secretary of the Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation, Athens (GR)
Cristina Menegazzi , former Programme Specialist at ICOM-Paris, specialist in Disaster
Risk Management of Cultural Heritage and in Preventive Conservation , UNESCO, Paris (F)
*Jane Morris, editor, The Art Newspaper, London (UK)
*François-Xavier Nève de Mévergnies, Service de Linguistique expérimentale,
Université de Liège (B)
Franco Niccolucci, The Cyprus Institute (CY)
*Ann Nicholls, freelance museum researcher and editor, Bristol (UK)
*Virgil Stefan Nitulescu, interim director, Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest (R)
*Javier Pes, deputy editor, The Art Newspaper, London (UK)
Margherita Sani, Istituto Beni Culturali, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Bologna (I)
*Sibilla de Luxembourg, art historian, Luxembourg (L)
*Danièle Wagener, directeur des 2 musées de la Ville de Luxembourg (L)
*former members of the judging committee of the European Museum Forum
Honorary Commissioners
Danièle van den Abeelen, Belgium
Jean-Jacques Bertaux, France
Aleid Rensen-Oosting, The Netherlands
Lola Mitjans, Spain
National Representatives
Belgium Griet Claerhout, Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp
Bulgaria Savena Borisova, New Bulgarian University, Sofia
Cyprus Loukia Loizou Hadjigavriel, Director, Leventis Municipal Museum, Nicosia
Czech Republic Jana Soucková, National Museum, Prague
France Philippe Guillet, Director, Museum of Orléans
Germany Bernhard Graf, Director, Institut für Museumsforschung, Berlin
Greece Ioanna Papantoniou, President Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation, Nafplion
Luxembourg Jo Kox, Casino Luxembourg
Moldova Elena Plosnita, National Museum of Archaeology and History, Chisinau
Portugal Portuguese Association of Museology (APOM), Lisbon
Russia Elena Petrova, Leo Tolstoy Museum, Yasnaya Polyana
Spain Camila González Gou, Director, Museu Frederic Marès, Barcelona
Sweden Lars Amréus, President, Association of Swedish Museums, Stockholm
‘the former Yugoslav Gordan Nikolov, Director, Museum of Macedonia, Skopje Republic of Macedonia’
Turkey Ahmet Erdönmez, Cultural Advisor to the Mayor and Manager, Bursa City Museum
United Kingdom Tim Bryan, Director, Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon

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