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Ema Press Realise, February 2010

In December 2009 the great majority of members of the European Museum of the Year Award
Judging Committee left the European Museum Forum and have formed a new, not-for-profit
foundation in The Netherlands, the European Museum Academy.

They considered that the time was right to establish a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation to stimulate innovative thinking in European museums, disseminating the results among the new generation of museum professionals.

EMA is pleased to announce that the President of EMA, Andreja Rihter, has been recently elected
Chairperson of the Sub-Committee on Cultural Heritage of the Parliamentary Assembly of the
Council of Europe.

EMA organises activities, publishes reports, runs special projects and award schemes, and raises
funds for a wide range of sectors. Training programmes, including staff exchange programmes for
young professionals, are being arranged, as well as programmes concentrating on quality
management. Partnerships have been developed with a growing number of organisations with the
same interests in the museum and cultural sectors, including the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural
Foundation (PIOP), CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, the Carisbo Bank Foundation in Bologna and the
Scuola Normale di Pisa.
In the first semester of 2010 EMA has focused on three lines of activity:
1.International training programmes : this is a joint programme which involves the Master Course
in European Museology at the IULM University of Milan (Italy) , the International Course of
Scientific Museography of the CosmoCaixa in Barcelona (Spain) and the International School of
Museology of the Museum of Recent History in Celje (Slovenia). The three courses cover different
aspects of contemporary museological debate, while sharing a common basis in terms of an in-depth
overview of recent developments in the European museum panorama. The three courses are under
the auspices of EMA which provides lecturers, didactic materials and organizes study visits for
students (all at postgraduate level and frequently already working in museums or similar
institutions). A study visit to the Museo Arqueológico di Alicante MARQ has been part of this activity
in June 2010.
The programme ends in November 2010. The co-operation with these institutions will continue in
2. European seminars and professional meetings: on Monday 21 – Tuesday 22 June 2010 EMA
organized, with the Carisbo Bank Foundation, a Focus Group in Bologna, Italy on the subject of
“Banks and Museums Beyond Sponsorship. An Overview of European Museums Created and
Supported by Bank Foundations” which gathered together some of the most important experiences
in this field carried on in Europe.
Proceedings of the meeting will be available in a bilingual edition at the end of the current year.
A European workshop on Multicultural societies, intercultural dialogue and European museums
will be organised by EMA and the Istituto Beni Culturali of the Regione Emilia Romagna, Italy in the
University Residential Centre of Bertinoro on 21-24 October 2010. Further information and the
draft leaflet is now available.
3. The 2011 Micheletti Award has been launched by the Micheletti Foundation in cooperation with
EMA with a new format (see material attached). The Micheletti Foundation will celebrate the 15th
anniversary of the Micheletti Award on 30 September 2010 with a special ceremony at the Italian
Parliament building under the auspices of Parliamentary institutions. The president of EMA, Andreja
Rihter, will deliver the final speech of this Ceremony.
Applications may be made for the 2011 Micheletti Award until 1 August 2010.

The EMA Pool of Experts and Partners

The EMA brings together a group of experts active in specific sectors of the museum and heritage
world with proved experience in European programmes as well as in national and local development
projects. They contribute to the development of the Academy in terms of researching, lecturing,
training, writing and consulting activities. In this way the Academy benefits from co-operation with
colleagues who have amassed a wide range of skills developed over the years, and is able to offer a
comprehensive list of services based on sound knowledge of museums and heritage issues, with
regular updating of members. A full list of experts is given below.
Andreja Rihter (President), Head of the International School of Museology, Celje, Slovenia , (SI)
*Massimo Negri (Director), Scientific Director of the Executive Master in European Museology at the
IULM University of Milan. Former Director of the European Museum Forum (I)
*Wim van der Weiden (Chairman), Former member of Executive Board of ICOM, Director of Museon
and Naturalis, former Chairman of the European Museum Forum (NL)
Christopher Grayson, until recently, responsible for cultural co-operation in the Parliamentary
Assembly of the Council of Europe (F)
Arno van Berge Henegouwen, Head of Department of Natural History, Museon (NL)
Benedetto Benedetti, Scuola Normale de Pisa (I)
Graziano Campanini, Director, Museo della Sanità Santa Maria della Vita, Bologna. Former national
correspondent , European Museum Forum (I)
*Hermann Schäfer, former General Director of Culture and Media in the Chancellor’s Office, Berlin.
Vice-Minister for Culture and Media . Former member of the Judging Committee of the European
Museum Forum (D)
Tamás Vásárhelyi, Deputy Director General, Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest. Former
national correspondent, European Museum Forum (H)
*Jorge Wagensberg, Scientific Director, Fundació ‘la Caixa’, Barcelona. Former member of the
judging committee of the European Museum Forum (ES)
Pool of Experts
*Thomas Brune, senior curator, Landesmuseum Stuttgart (D)
*Sibilla de Luxembourg, art historian, Luxembourg (L)
*J. Patrick Greene, CEO, Museum Victoria, Melbourne (AU)
Aspasia Louvi, General Secretary of the Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation, Athens (GR)
Cristina Menegazzi , former Programme Specialist at ICOM-Paris, specialist in Disaster Risk
Management of Cultural Heritage and in Preventive Conservation , Paris (F)
*Jane Morris, Editor, The Art Newspaper, London (UK)
*François-Xavier Nève de Mévergnies, Service de Linguistique expérimentale, Université de Liège (B)
Franco Niccolucci, The Cyprus Institute (CY)
*Ann Nicholls, freelance museum researcher and editor, Bristol (UK)
*Virgil Stefan Nitulescu, interim director, Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharesti (R)
*Javier Pes, deputy editor, The Art Newspaper, London (UK)
Margherita Sani, Istituto Beni Culturali, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Bologna (I)
*Danièle Wagener, directeur des 2 musées de la Ville de Luxembourg (L)
*former members of the judging committee of the European Museum Forum


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