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Ema Newsletter, November 2013

EMA publishes details of its current activities in an occasional Newsletter. Its Press Releases will
continue to focus on individual announcements and events.

A European Expertise Foundation
A dynamic and forward-looking organisation to stimulate innovative thinking in European museums
NEWS FROM EMA: An overview of current projects developed by EMA

EMA organises activities, publishes reports, runs special projects and award schemes, and raises funds
for a wide range of sectors. Training programmes, including staff exchange programmes for young
professionals, are being arranged, as well as programmes concentrating on quality management.
Partnerships have been developed with a growing number of organisations with the same interests in
the museum and cultural sectors, including the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP),
CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, the Forum of Slavic Cultures.
During 2013 EMA representatives have attended conferences and other meetings throughout Europe.

The fifth and final Partners’ Meeting of LEM – The Learning Museum Network Project was held in
Bologna, Italy on 19-21 September 2013. Although the official end of the Project was 31 October 2013,
it was agreed that it was important that the strong network which had been established should
continue in various forms. The LEM website will continue for at least 12 months, and a number of
partners will continue to meet from time to time, making use of existing conferences and seminars –
see the Micheletti Award meeting below.
Become an Associate Partner of LEM for free! You can still join this network of more than 80
institutions from 25 European countries. All the organisations represented are either museums,
museum umbrella organisations or cultural institutions with an interest in lifelong learning, museum
education, cultural policies and culture in general, who are interested to circulate ideas, exchange
practices, debate with colleagues in a European context, and support professional development of
relevant staff. Further information can be found at www.lemproject.eu.

This new prize, launched in 2011 with the aim of recognising the outstanding results of organisations,
researchers and cultural institutions in creating pioneering museums or producing studies and carrying
on projects of European relevance which are destined to influence the development of museological
discourse at the international level.
On 19 September 2013 during the LEM Meeting the EMA Prize was presented to Jill Cousins, Executive
Director of the Europeana Foundation. Europeana is a European-funded initiative which provides free
access to the trusted sources of more than 2,200 cultural institutions across Europe: museums,
archives, libraries and audiovisual collections. Europeana is projecting itself into the cultural landscape
of tomorrow, through a wide and constant dialogue with its network, cultural institutions and new
cultural entities such as Wikipedia. Europeana is using new tools for the digital world, finding new
partners and experimenting with innovative models of participation. This daring and stimulating vision
is the heritage of Europeana and is something which should be shared, endorsed and actively

On the same occasion in Bologna EMA gave its first Lifetime Achievement Award to Mrs Ioanna
Papantoniou, President of the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation in Nafplion, Greece.
As President of the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation, which she founded 40 years ago, after
encountering every possible kind of legal and bureaucratic obstacle, her ongoing commitment to the
Foundation and its associated museum has been heroic. The Academy also acknowledges her
important rôle in the world of Costume and Folk Museums, with her outstanding exhibitions in Greece,
Cyprus and elsewhere, and her authoritative books on Greek costume. She has also made a valuable
contribution to theatre design and in 2004 was awarded the ‘Panos Aravantinos’ Prize by the Hellenic
Center for Theatrical Research for her lifetime achievement in the theatre and stage design. In 2000,
she was awarded the Gold Cross of the Order of the Phoenix by the President of Greece.

The fifth edition of the Kenneth Hudson Seminar took place on 21 and 22 October at the National
Museum of Contemporary History in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The aim of the Seminar was to foster regional
cultural tourism and to promote a responsible relationship with the dissonant heritage of the 20th
century in the Adriatic and Ionian region. This type of heritage, often unexplored, neglected, or even
misrepresented, was the focus of the seminar, since the Adriatic and Ionian region’s dissonant heritage
presents a crucial part of the contemporary life of Europe.
EMA was represented by Andreja Rihter (also in her capacity as Director of the Forum of Slavic
Cultures), Wim van der Weiden and Massimo Negri. Other speakers included Jonathan Blackwood,
Historical Museum of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Sarajevo; René Capovin, Fondazione Luigi Micheletti,
Brescia; Matthias Rogg, Director, Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr, Dresden, Germany,
Guido Vaglio, director of the Museo Diffuso della Resistenza, della Deportazione, della Guerra, dei
Diritti e della Libertà, Turin; and Katarina Živanović, Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade, Serbia.

Ulla died on 5 July at her home in Stockholm, after a long illness. She was the first non-British member
of the Judging Committee of the European Museum of the Year Award, from its foundation in 1977
until 2006. From 2010-2013 she was one of the European Museum Academy’s Honorary
“I remember Ulla with great affection. Until now, she and I were the only surviving members of the
original judging committee of the European Museum of the Year Award, and my sincere hope is that
during her protracted illness she was still able to remember her many experiences while visiting
museums throughout Europe as a judge for the EMYA competition. Contrary to popular belief, visiting
museums is not a sheltered occupation, and on my many tours over the years with Ulla we have had to
show resilience, resourcefulness and stamina, mixed with a good dose of laughter and wonder at the
magnificent achievements of museum directors in far-flung corners of Europe. Ulla always had an
unquenchable thirst for knowledge, not only for the task in hand, but also for exotic food, plants and
flowers. Visiting museums with her was an adventure, something to be looked forward to and enjoyed.
If I may end with a quote: ‘Say not in grief that she is no more, but in thankfulness that she was’.” Ann
Nicholls, currently Co-ordinator, European Museum Academy; Administrator of EMYA and EMF, 1977-
2009, on behalf of all Ulla’s friends and colleagues from EMYA and EMA.

The world-famous St Petersburg museum is to have a unique centre in Barcelona. The exhibitions will
draw on some of the vast, diverse holdings of the Russian institution to develop a new interdisciplinary
museographic language, whose grammar will be composed of original pieces, phenomena and
metaphors, in particular the best and most recent scientific museology will be used to narrate stories
about the human condition and creativity. Jorge Wagensberg, Scientific Director of the ‘la Caixa’
Foundation, and creator and Director of CosmoCaixa for 15 years, will manage the new project. It will
be located in the Port of Barcelona, will have a floor area of 7,300 m² and is due to open in early 2016.

The visiting of candidates is now under way for the 19th Micheletti Award, and the judging meeting will
be held at the Micheletti Foundation’s headquarters on Tuesday 25 March. The winner of the Award
will be announced at the EMA Annual Meeting in Glasgow, which will take place on Friday and
Saturday, 25 and 26 April 2014. It will be an action-packed occasion, as it will also include the results of
the first edition of the Heritage in Motion (HiM) Award, the multimedia festival of cultural heritage,
and will be preceded on Thursday 24 April by a LEM meeting, which is an optional part of the main
programme. The registration form and provisional programme will be available in early January.

The Seminar and Ceremony for the Award will be announced in Bologna on Wednesday 26 March

Associate Partnership scheme details can be found on the EMA website.
We are very pleased to welcome the following colleagues to our organisation:
Pool of Experts
Jill Cousins, Executive Director, The Europeana Foundation, Den Haag, The Netherlands
Paolo Galluzzi, Director, Museo Galileo, Firenze, Italy

CosmoCaixa, Barcelona The Cyprus Institute, Nicosia DASA, The World of Work Exhibition, Dortmund
Europa Nostra, The Hague Europeana Foundation, The Hague, Hands On! International, The
International Association of Children’s Museums Luigi Micheletti Foundation, Brescia Piraeus Bank
Group Cultural Foundation, Athens.
A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in October in Ljubljana between EMA and the Forum of
Slavic Cultures.

The co-operation between the Master Course in European Museology of the IULM University of Milan
and the International Course in Scientific Museography at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona under the auspices
of EMA is now in full operation with exchange of students, experts and didactic materials.
We are always looking for contributions to this part of the EMA website. If you have a recently
published article or lecture which you think would be of wider interest to our readers, please contact
Massimo Negri (address below)!

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