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The Ema first book: Banks and Museums beyond sponsorship

The first book published by Ema: BANKS AND MUSEUMS BEYOND SPONSORSHIP, an Overview Of European Museums Created By Bank Foundations.

Bononia University Press, ISBN 978-88-7395-610-5

In June 2010 a Focus Group was held, “Banks and museums beyond sponsorship. An overview of
European museums created by bank foundations”, organized in cooperation with the Cassa di
Risparmio in Bologna (Carisbo) Foundation and the Genus Bononiae Museums in the City, the
new local city museum created by the Carisbo Foundation.

During the meeting, presidents of bank foundations and directors of important European
museums created by banks, started a discussion in order to make an overview of this topic, which
had not been studied in enough depth previously.

This book, that was born out of that discussion, collects different experiences, but still, when
reading them together they make up an anchor about the topic “Banks and museums”, that
today gives rise to the lively interest not only of insiders, but also of visitors and heads of similar
public and private structures.

The volume contains accounts about some already active important museums, together with the
accounts about projects that are still being carried out. All of them are considered to be mostly
relevant, because of their management system or for the quality and innovation they bring in the
European museum system. Whilst acknowledging a debate that is spread throughout Europe,
some solutions are presented. Although particular to every single country, these solutions can be
with profitable results compared with a project made in Bologna, Genus Bononiae. Museums in
the City, which is proving to be a successful model in Italy and Europe.

“BANKS AND MUSEUMS BEYOND SPONSORSHIP. An Overview Of European Museums Created
By Bank Foundations” is published by Bononia University Press.

Free copies are available for study and research purposes contacting info@genusbononiae.it.

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