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Ema Awards are on the move!


Since its foundation in 2009 the European Museum Academy annual meeting, with its presentation of the EMA candidates, a thematic seminar and the Award-giving ceremony, has been organised each year in a different country in the Spring, usually in May.

Over the years this has become an occasion for the exchange of experiences, networking and discovery of progressive museological ideas of European relevance, with the generous and enthusiastic support of museums, cultural organisations and public bodies. Thanks to the growth of EMA activities and connections this meeting has been enriched by the inclusion of the results of Heritage in Motion, the only competition addressed to digital productions about European heritage. New partnerships will continue to enhance this meeting further.

Many conferences and similar events favour dates in the Spring and those interested in museums and the cultural sector frequently have to give up interesting events because of overlapping dates. After much consideration the EMA Board has decided to move the EMA Annual meeting to the early autumn, starting in 2017.

The dates of the next EMA Meeting, which will take place in Skopje, will be Friday and Saturday, 29 and 30 September 2017 (arriving on the Thursday and leaving on the Sunday).

The 22nd edition of the Luigi Micheletti Award: this Award focuses on contemporary European history and its scientific, industrial and social heritage. You may apply if you are a museum of 20th century history (military, political, social), a museum of science, technology or industry a science centre, an ecomuseum, or an interpretation centre on these subjects and emerging crucial issues of contemporary society. The 2016 winner was Den Gamle By, Aarhus, Denmark.

The 7th edition of the DASA Award: the basic criterion of this Award is the quality of learning opportunities in a comprehensive perspective – the museological concept, the quality of the storyline, the creativity of the exhibition design and the programme of educational activities. Specific attention is given to personal mediation, interactive participation of the public and an effective mix of education and entertainment. This Award is open to all kinds of museums. The 2016 winner was Micropia, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Because of the new dates of the Annual Meeting, the closing date for these two Awards has been extended to 1 December 2016. We invite museums who have not yet applied and who wish to profit from the opportunities offered by participation, to complete the attached application form (also on the EMA website) and return it to the EMA Co-ordinator.


1 September 2016

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