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Cultural Domain Policy Report – SoPHIA

SoPHIA Social Platform for Holistic Heritage Impact Assessment.

SoPHIA seeks to propose a holistic impact assessment model for historical, environmental and cultural heritage sites in Europe. With the term holistic it understands that the economic, social, environmental and cultural dimensions necessary to any intervention on heritage must be addressed comprehensively. For this purpose, the social platform will bring together research communities, practitioners, public and private stakeholders as well as policy makers at local, national and international levels.

The way cultural heritage is preserved and enhanced is a major factor defining Europe´s identity and its place in the world. In this sense, high quality interventions in cultural heritage contribute to local communities´ well-being and to the development of sustainable cultural tourism. On the other hand, low-quality interventions in cultural heritage sites may not only damage irreplaceable historical elements, their environment and related intangible heritage but also foster negative perceptions by society.

Against this background, one of the tasks SoPHIA will do is to review the research literature, policy programmes and practices to provide an essay mapping existing gaps, issues and problems.

Here attached you have the cultural domain policy report prepared by our colleagues Dr Henrik Zipsane and Elia Vlachou.