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17th International Course on Scientific Museography

17th International Course on Scientific Museography will take place at the Science Museum of La Caixa Foundation in Barcelona.

22-26 April 2013
Thirty-three years have elapsed since ”la Caixa” Foundation’s Science Museum opened its doors in Barcelona. Following twenty-four years of activity and museological reflection, CosmoCaixa, as the museum is known today, came into being. Since then, it has received six million visitors and in 2006 it won the European Museum of the Year Award. Today it constitutes a benchmark institution for the adoption of a new museological philosophy based on a museographic language that brings together three elements: real objects, real phenomena and museographic metaphors.

The course takes an in-depth look into how science museums are conceived through conversations between museologists, experts, designers and architects, from the statement of intent to the day of opening. “Total Museology”, as it is called, seeks to build upon the idea that museums are instruments of social change in the era of globalization, sustainability and the quest for harmony between civilization and nature. The course affords the opportunity to directly experience “best practices”, whether visible or not from inside museums, through a veritable immersion in CosmoCaixa. Since 2004, the course has taken on an international dimension thanks to the participation of some one hundred students from fifteen countries in each edition. In addition, it has become an ideal setting in which to forge links with other ongoing projects across the world. Total Museology has been applied in approximately twenty large scientific exhibitions and is currently being applied in several brand new museum projects.

The course has been recommended by EMA, the European Museum Academy.
Director of the course: Jorge Wagensberg, Scientific Director of the “la Caixa” Foundation and Physicist at the University of Barcelona

About the course: Course on Scientific Museography

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