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Autumn Webinars – Migration


«Identity on the Line» (I-ON) is a large-scale cooperation project between six cultural history museums and two universities, working together to explore the long-term consequences of different migration processes, forced or voluntary, which took place in Europe over the last 100 years. Through the collection and dissemination of experiences from former migrants and their descendants, summarized and placed in factual historical contexts, we will unfold and transmit common features of migration from past to future generations. Our priority is to reinforce the sense of belonging to a common European space to contemporary migrants, to those who have settled and their hosting communities. The working process initiates the interaction between partners and other professionals, aiming at skill transfer and the anchoring of successful methods among colleagues. Related to this, we will launch two series of webinars, free for charge, during the next year. The autumn webinars are aiming to deepen knowledge about topics like oral history, migration, empathy building, intersubjectivity, understanding identity and relationships.

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