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Article: 10 years of EMA through 10 years of Luigi Micheletti Award. And beyond…

René Capovin

This month’s article is from René Capovin and tells us the past decade of EMA through the Micheletti Foundation.

René Capovin has a degree and PhD in Philosophy, Master in Museology. Since 2008 he is a researcher at the Luigi Micheletti Foundation, a study center on contemporary history, and is head of Project Office of the musil – Museum of Industry and Labour of Brescia (Italy). His current main work is conceiving, developing and coordinating projects and cultural activities of both these institutions. Previous jobs: head of a Center for Asylum Seekers in Northern Italy (1998-2003), freelance researcher and translator for Italian editors (2004-2007).

Since 2008 he has been representative of the Luigi Micheletti Foundation in EMA – European Museum Academy (NL), in order to collaborate in the organization of  the Luigi Micheletti Award. In 2012 he created the contest Museums in Short, dedicated to videos realized by and for museums. In 2013 he was nominated by EMA as member of the Board of Europeana Foundation – The European Digital Library (Den Haag). In 2014 he was elected as councillor of Europeana Association.   

He has published articles on the work of Jean Baudrillard, on political topics (populism, exclusion), and cultural issues (consumption, museums).  Last Publications: Entry “Postmodernism”, for Encyclopedia – Research Methods Foundations, P.A. Atkinson, S. Delamont, R. Williams, A. Cernat (ed), SAGE, 2019; “An exit from the ’70. Perniola through Baudrillard”, in Ágalma. Rivista di estetica e studi culturali, n. 39, forthcoming.

Enjoy reading the article! 🙂

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