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The Awards

The European Museum Academy Prize

The European Museum Academy Prize - European Museum Academy


The EMA Prize has been established with the aim of recognising the outstanding results of organisations, researchers and cultural institutions in creating pioneering museums or producing studies and carrying on projects of European relevance which are destined to influence the development of museological discourse at the international level.




The Luigi Micheletti Award and the DASA Award

The Luigi Micheletti Award and the DASA Award - European Museum Academy

This is an Award focused on contemporary history and scientific, industrial and social heritage.      
Originally the Micheletti Award was established by the Micheletti Foundation and Kenneth Hudson in 1996, for the recognition of excellence in the specific sector of European science and industry museums. Applications are welcomed from scientific, technical and industrial museums and science centres, both long-established and recently opened. Today the scheme is also open to museum of 20th century history (social, political, military) to reflect the wider scope of the Micheletti Foundation work.   


"Micheletti Award nominees and winners do this in inspiring and innovative ways, continually pushing the boundaries and reinventing the museum experience thus paving the way for the museum of the future. I would like to wish all of this year’s contestants the best for this competition, and for the future" 

 Mrs Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni,  Council of Europe’s Deputy Secretary General.


The DASA Award was launched in 2010 amd it is now  focusing on excellence in learning opportunities provided by museums and it is in this context that its winner has been chosen.DASA WORKING WORLD EXHIBITION in Dortmund is the permanent educational facility of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Care and informs the general public about the world of work, its status for the individual and society, and the importance of tailoring work to Human requirements



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The Živa Award: a new project with the Forum of Slavic Culture

The Živa  Award: a new project with the Forum of Slavic Culture - European Museum Academy

The Živa Award has been established in 2012 on the initiative of an expert project group from the Forum of Slavic Culture member countries.

Slavic goddess Živa (also Żiwia, Siva, Sieba or Razivia) represents a principle of life, longevity, youthfulness, beauty, mildness, vitality and fertility. These are the attributes that should describe also condition of Slavic heritage.

With the award we would like to recognize excellence in the sector of movable and immovable heritage in a special region in Europepromote the best practices in the tangible cultural heritage and also to stimulate exchanges of knowledge and experience throughout our countries and beyond. We would like also to encourage further exemplary initiatives through the power of example.

The Children in Museums Award

The Children in Museums Award - European Museum Academy


The European Museum Academy and Hands On! International launched the new Children's Museum Award during the Children's Bookfair in Bologna (italy) in 2011. 
The Award is given to the best practice of an exhibition or project dedicated to children under 14 years old.  EMA  cooperates with HO! supplying judges and giving advice for the development of the scheme.

This Award is now named "Children in Museums Award" to make it more inclusive and not being limited to the category of children's museums strictly speaking.

The 2017 CiM Award Application Form now available !

Do not loose this chance !



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Heritage in Motion

Heritage in Motion - European Museum Academy



Heritage in Motion is an annual multimedia competition for the creators of films, games, apps and websites on themes related to Europe’s heritage,cultural and natural, tangible and intangible. Heritage in Motion grants awards and celebrates the best multimedia achievements and products,through varied, creative and innovative means, in order to draw attention to the value of Europe’s cultural and natural heritage in all its facets.

It was founded  jointly by Europa Nostra and the European Museum Academy and is empowered by Europeana and it is now run by a group of active and enthusiast professionals.