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Proceedings of the 2009-2010 Kenneth Hudson Seminars

Proceedings of the 2009-2010 Kenneth Hudson Seminars - European Museum Academy

The digital version of the Proceedings of the  first two Kenneth Hudson Seminars are here available. The Third Kenneth Hudson Seminar was held in 2011 in Italy in the context of the LEM Project with the title "The Virtual Museum".

Artlab Australia


This is an abridged version of an article shortly to appear in the BULLETIN of the Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society, ADFAS, written by Andrew Durham, Director of Artlab Australia and currently member of the Pool of Experts of the European Museum Academy.


The Eureka Flag dates from the 1854 Eureka Stockade uprising - a major event in Australian history, see http://www.egold.net.au/biogs/EG00273b.htm


For more information visit www.artlabaustralia.com.au


How to handle the Convention of Intangible Cultural Heritage?

How to handle the Convention of Intangible Cultural Heritage? - European Museum Academy


The question of intangible heritage and museums is attracting a growing attention within the international cultural organizations. A milestone in the development of an agreed framework for dealing with this subjkect is given by the UNESCO Convention of Intangible Heritage. We are pleased to publish here an article sent by Ewa Bergdahl discussing some key-issues related to this challenging subject. Ewa Bergdahl is since 2009 Director of Public Engagement at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm and was Managing Director at Norrkopings Stadsmuseum and at the Ekomuseum Bergslagen. This article will be published in a book on intangible cultural heritage edited by Prof. Peter Davis.

Consciousness, Mankind, Museums

Consciousness, Mankind, Museums - European Museum Academy

François-Xavier Nève, member of the EMA Pool of Experts and of the Panel of Judges, François-Xavier Nève is  also Professor of Linguistics at the University of Liège, Belgium.

The Museum-Observatory, a new idea

The Museum-Observatory, a new idea - European Museum Academy

Jorge Wagensberg, Scientific Director of "La Caixa" Foundation and creator of Cosmocaixa of Barcelona winner of the European Museum of the Year Award 2007.

It's a jungle in here

Robert R.Janes is the Editor-in-Chief of "Museum Management and Curatorship".
This article is abridged from Robert R. Janes' new book Museum in Troubled World: Renewal, Irrelevance or Collapse (Routledge, 2009) and was originally published in MUSE (September/October, 2009). The author wishes to thank Vera Kiriloff (Editor) and the Canadian Museums Association for permission to reprint this article.

Jungle In Here Jungle In Here [165 Kb]


Pioneering... - European Museum Academy


Kenneth Hudson was the founder of the European Museum Forum and a leading figure in contemporary museology. Most the EMA members have been working with him for many years and the establishing of EMA itself in 2009 was dedicated to his legacy on occasion of the tenth anniversary of his death.